Puzzles like Adrift

Quite a few people were surprised by my description of Adrift as a “new game” – even though it was very new at the time – because they had seen similar games or puzzles before.

You can read some of the history on Wikipedia: similar puzzles were posed as early as the 19th century, and more recently Big Duck Games released a nice version called Flow Free for Android and iOS.

This game was the subject of a programming competition at Oxford University last year. The competition was won by Thomas Ahle, with this rather nice program.

Adrift puzzles are a little bit different, though: they’re on an unusual grid – the surface of half a cube, i.e. three square grids connected at the edges – and also there are rocks, squares you’re not allowed to use.

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3 Responses to Puzzles like Adrift

  1. bat020 says:

    There’s a variation called “Flow Free: Bridges” as well, where one or more squares are marked as “bridges” and have two flows crossing at them, one horizontally and the other “vertically.

    • Thanks! I should have mentioned that. It’s the same game, but played on non-planar graphs. I’ve *nearly* finished it: only a handful of the 14x14s from the Jumbo Pack left. 😀

  2. William Schlieper says:

    There’s a Flash version called “3D Logic” that also plays on half the surface of a cube.

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