I’ve been thinking about restarting this blog for more than a year, but my plans to do so were always so ambitious that I never completed them: the charming essay Procrastination and Perfectionism is perhaps relevant here. I read somewhere that it is a cardinal violation of blog etiquette to apologise for – or even to make reference to, if I remember rightly – a gap in posting. I cannot now remember what the reason for that was supposed to be, but a two-year delay surely cannot pass unremarked?

For what it’s worth, I anticipate my frequency of posting to have a small mean and a large variance. The subject matter will be more varied than before, since I have a job that does not involve category theory, and if I tried to confine my postings to categories I would post about once every five years at present rates. At some point I did change the subtitle from “categorical maundering” to “miscellaneous maundering” in anticipation of this.

One piece of very old news that I never mentioned here: I did eventually finish writing up my thesis in September 2007. If anyone is interested, it’s available at Linear Logic without Units.

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